Ft Lauderdale   SUV Accidents can be the  result of :  Backing up with poor visibility,  Head-on Collisions, Rear-end Collisions, Rollover collisions, Rollover Side-impact Collisions, Failure-to-Yield Motor Vehicle Collisions, Sideswipe, Accidents,  Beltway and Interstate Wrecks,  Road Hazard-related Accidents,  Crashes Caused by Poor Road Design,  Accidents Due to Mechanical Failure, Rollover Accidents,Road Accidents Resulting from Manufacturing Defects and many other instances where a negligence case can be brought against the negligent party  ( or manufacturer ) for causing the accident.

SUV Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury and Death To The Occupants
There has been reported safety issues  with the ever popular SUV’s.

SUV Safety Concerns For Ft Lauderdale Residents

The main concern relating to SUV safety is the fact that they have a high rollover rate.  Statistics have shown that SUV’s are three times more likely to rollover than  passenger cars. There are twice as many deaths from SUV rollovers  because they are narrower and taller then passenger vehicles. This higher center of gravity in combination with the absence of safety measures to prevent roof collapse during a rollover can result in catastrophic injury and death.

If you or a loved on is injured due to a SUV rollover or were occupants injured contact our Ft Lauderdale personal injury law firm today.