Were you seriously injured or was a love done killed in a

Ft Lauderdale  Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents usually result in serious physical injury or death of a loved one . The result usually means inability  to work temporarily or permanently or loss of a provider. You should be justly compensated from the individual who caused the accident.

Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of another motor vehicle. When a motorcycle collides with a car, truck or fixed object, the motorcycle is at a distinct disadvantage with no steel,  seatbelts or airbags for protection.

J Scott Gunn is an experienced  injury attorney who has handled numerous Ft Lauderdale  motorcycle crash claims.  He is a  motorcycle accident lawyer who  knows the ins and outs of injury law and how it applies to accidents involving motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Our motorcycle accident legal team will analyze the facts specific to your situation and develop  a persuasive case that can be presented to an insurance company,  judge or jury. We  have the skills needed to effectively negotiate a settlement, especially when a big insurance company becomes involved.

How Can Our Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Help You?

Our  motorcycle crash team  will help you or your loved ones obtain the maximum compensation possible under Florida  law. You are  entitled to several types of compensation based on the injury.

Past, present, and future medical bills
Past, present, and future lost wages
Pain and suffering
Loss of ability to earn a living
Loss of consortium
A wrongful death claim for loss or death of a loved one

Experienced Ft Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle  Accidents We Have Experience With Include:

Broadside Collisions
Head-on Motorcycle Collisions
Impaired Driving Motorcycle Accidents
Intersection Accidents T-Bone and/or Broadside Accidents
Left Turn Collisions
Motorcycle Maneuverability Accidents
Rear-End Accidents
Right-of-Way Violations
Accidents due To A Manufacturers Defect or Negligent Road  Conditions
Unsafe Lane Changing Accidents On City Streets or I-95